Thursday, April 21, 2005

Bubble bath

It's been quite a day! I've been working hard - but I managed to spare a little time for some of the things I like. I wrote a song about my best girl friend Slinky. At this stage it's a duet - we discussed being Australia's answer to TATU... but if she's not interested any more it can probably be rewritten as an ode. It's all about the pressure of being just good friends - a touch satirical but still quite fun and honest.

I also had time to look at fabrics and dress patterns for a half hour I had free in the city. Lincraft has some beautiful $3 chiffons - they're calling it party chiffon. It's not super fine, but then it's softer than an organza so I guess it depends what you like. They're all just single-colour. The party satin is horrible.

Additionally, I've managed to find a good stretch of time for a lovely candlelit bath. Yummy! The sort with too many bubbles (lots of too many...) and the spa jets going full of little soft bubbles of air. Nice and hot.

So now I'm off to rub in some lotion while I'm still fresh from my bath. I've also got to tidy the kitchen before bed... I know "never do today what you can put off til tomorrow" but I'll sleep better secure in the knowledge that I have a sparkly kitchen.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Rocket,

looking forward to reading more!

Paulus Atreidies

11:05 pm  
Blogger Rocket said...

Hi PA, it's been a while since you've used that name. Thanks for the encouragement.

Love and kisses

4:37 pm  

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