Thursday, April 14, 2005

Fantasy Girl

The first rule of geeker life is "have no shame". If one is not afraid to be a trekkie or a maths-head, then why be ashamed to be influenced by Britney Spears or Hello Kitty. There's no shame in finding something attractive.

If the geeker rebels against corporate branding and artifical desires, then surely we must acknowledge that the best brands cater to real desires and that it's OK for that same geeker to consciously choose to be surrounded by pretty or colourful things.

My house is a tribute to IKEA. I like their simple designs with colourful accessories. If I could only get rid of the clutter, it would be a thing of true beauty.

My artwork is sexy anime style. Not exactly Hentai (pervert) manga... just a strong character getting about her life - living some impossible fantasy. My writing also often appeals to fantasy. Not wizards and dice but the fantasies that people really have for themselves.

In high school I watched Star Trek and pretended it was real. But when I thought of my own future it was as a scientist with maybe a boyfriend and a pretty house painted a dozen bold, bright colours. In the more immediate future, perhaps I'd get to go to a cool city school and go shopping and "hang out". That's what I mean by fantasy.

The picture I've been working on today is a cross between a movie-poster and a perfume ad. It stars an unnamed character (but she'll need one soon) who is a cross between Lara Croft and Tasha Yar. But dresses like Jessica Rabbit. Now she's out spying and of course she is more comfortable in a backless strapless hot-pant catsuit. At a ball she wears the same top but it ends in a dress that has a side split from about her waist. Naturally! Set in the real world, but absolute fantasy.

My teen novel is also a fantasy piece. The protagonist is super rich and dresses fabulousy every day. She goes to cafes, takes days off school for special occasions, and generally lives the teen high life. Oh, sure there's some tension and conflice - you wouldn't have an interesting story without conflict. It's just that all this takes place within a little escape world.

We need to immerse ourselves in our fantasies and have no shame. They are what makes us great. No matter how simple or mundane, our fantasies are a crucial part of us.


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