Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Growing pains

In my excitement I had prepared yet another post. But now it's gone. I'm still learning to use this interface and it made sense to click back from my preview to my composer screen. Alas, this was not the correct action and now my work is gone forever.

I had written about a project I am working on with a man who has no alias. For his privacy, I have decided to call DJ Thomas. We are creating a dance album together, a project that DJ Thomas has thought about for a long time. His job is to help with recording and do samples, mixes and various cool instruments. I'm supposed to write the songs and suggest appropriate rhythms and other elements such as counterpoint or effects.

Although I yearn to create, I had experienced some difficulties with my songwriting. First, I felt the project was not sufficiently defined. I didn't know what songs to write. I can create a poem and even have it rhyme, but that doesn't mean it is a good dance song. I eventually settled on the topic of mistakes. I guess it's because I've been down lately. My life is great, but there have been some dissonances. I'm not sure if the dissonances are causing the blues or I'm too down to make the corrections that usually fix these things but it was becoming clear that something had to change.

The nature of the theme meant that I had to find some way to integrate it with the dance music ethos. Dance music is about celebrating life and love and sweetness and strength. Some dance music is about things that aren't right but there's humour or the strength to overcome adversity. Some dance music is about things that were wrong but are better now. These are interesting songs, but to create an album, I had to find a way of looking at these things from the positive direction so as to not fill an album with songs that go "here's a mistake, here's what it should be and I'm OK". That would be boring.

Anyway, I've moved through my sad period and I'm moving into a positive phase now. I can see that my life was dissonant for a while but I've fixed that and the future stretches ahead. I think I now have the material I lacked to write the songs I wanted. I am seeing DJ Thomas this weekend so I'll get some ideas down before then and I hope he likes them.


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