Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Greetings to you future Rainbow Cadets! My name is Rocket Rainbow - my friends call me Rocket. If you would like to be friends, please call me Rocket also. This blog is my first dedicated online presence. I hope that I will be as interesting to you bloggers as some of you have been to me!

My purpose is to share with you my own creative processes and ideas. I hope you will also take interest in the many world issues that I feel need our attention. There are no rules and you can also propose topics. Perhaps you will eventually recognise yourselves in my work!

As we progress you will be informed about my other ventures into cyberspace and the new projects I start. You'll also share my messy kitchen, teetering iron pile and dying garden, all of which I plan to avoid.

In summary, I wish to say this is a blog about living life more fully than ever before - about delighting in ideas and friendship. Will you join me?


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