Thursday, May 05, 2005


Well, it's been a tough road but I've finally isolated whatever's been causing my computer to lock up whenever I'm doing something interesting.

Some background: I work on a laptop running a popular Linux distro. I've been trying to write all sorts of posts about what I've been up to and they keep locking up. I had a holiday, submitted an assignment, came up with some great music work and story ideas. I've some comments to make on news from the last few weeks and so on.

So my computer's been locking up. Tech support (yeah, that's how everyone thinks of the person in their family who loves to do their installs and upgrades for them) wants to update my software, but I want to blow it away and do LFS so I can have everything just how I want it. Anyway, I've noticed that the problem seemed to happen whenever I moved the computer a lot. Well, I'm a very active, restless girl, so the computer was moving every time I restarted it (hard reset - computer wasn't responding to the keyboard).

Clearly the problem is of a hardware/something's come loose on the inside nature.

Ordinarily it would be a cinch to just open it up and reseat all the components. But for some reason, that's just beyond my ability. First, I'll use the wrong screwdriver (yes, I really can't tell which size is appropriate). That's the biggest risk, actually, but there's also a possibility of crumbs, shorts or ESD (I don't have a bracelet). Basically, it's a job best left to the experts. But my computer works just fine if I don't jolt it around. I theorise that the travel it's done the last month has been a little too much for some component in there. Not sure which.

So yay me for figuring out how to stop my computer from locking up!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Well I'm finally back from my impromptu unscheduled holiday. It involved some actual holiday and of course some not so holiday....