Monday, June 13, 2005

Hair manglers

A choice of hairdresser is very important. I've gone from bad to worse since I started going a few months ago.

So here are a few tips for anyone considering a "style cut".

  • You can walk away.
  • Before you start, demand to see a picture. No matter how highly recommended the hairdresser is or how many prizes the salon has won, a description is vague and a picture is precise.
  • Make sure the hairdresser has taken into account your own hair style. There's nothing worse than getting to the end of a wrong haircut and being asked "your hair curls, right?"
  • Ask for styling instructions before the cut. Some of the better ones give instructions after the cut, but as I discovered, the instructions may apply to different hair. I was told "Oh, your hair is very fine and curls, you'll want to put some goo in to hold it down." I've used the stuff he recommended and it isn't working.
  • If you don't like the current fads, then walk away from anyone who mentions fashion.
  • Make sure the hairdresser knows how to take direction. I've no idea how to achieve this, but I've had enough who didn't that I know it's important.
  • Don't let anyone tell you they're "shaping" your hair around your face. You'll end up with a mullet you can't style.
  • Don't put layers in if you want to do anything with your hair other than blowdry it like a middle-aged blonde public servant who likes to think she's a "powerful" businesswoman.
  • Short layers are wrong.
  • Colours are fun, but they never wash out when they're supposed to, and they always wash out when they're not supposed to. A holiday colour can end up ruining the next 3 years of your life.
  • Curls should not be cut in layers to give it "movement". You'll end up looking like a spaniel.
  • If the only cure for a mullet is to chop it all off, make sure it isn't cut too short.
  • If the only cure for a mullet is to chop it all off, make sure it doesn't grow back as a mullet.
  • Make sure they cut for your face shape.
  • Make sure they don't cut only for your face shape, and actually take into account your preferences as stated by you, not as assumed by the fact that you had a horrible haircut at some other place.
  • If your hair has personality that requires a bit of understanding, just cut it yourself. After a few months, you'll do a better job than any hairdressers.


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