Wednesday, June 15, 2005

King Henry V

King Harry couldn't sleep well before his big day either. In Shakespeare's play he went for a wander and eavesdropped on what everyone was saying about him. I've been going over my notes, making sure I have enough information, and just trying to relax, getting dinner and doing some shopping.

Perhaps I should have skipped the coffee, but I don't think that's what's keeping me up.

Tomorrow morning is my exam. I have a lunch date afterwards, then I can do whatever I want!

It's been quite a semester, trying to mix music with applied maths and loving it of course. But next semester, I'm definitely not going to study at university. There are so many exciting things to do while I'm still young - physics can wait!

Tomorrow afternoon I really need to do a bit of shopping, some serious piano practice and perhaps even jump on the sewing machine. I've got a dozen designs all playing out in my head and at least a dozen more repairs and alterations to make. But I can only afford to make a start, because the ironing pile easily wins against the sewing pile (yes, girls have to iron a lot of stuff... It's a fair price for dressing well).

So I think I might just jump on the blogs and see what there is to read while I wind down and try to get any rest.

My reader comments have been very lovely. If anyone knows any good ways to relax, I'd appreciate your advice.



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