Thursday, June 09, 2005

panicking now

I'm coming into the last few days before my maths exam. I've been unable to study yesterday and today because of other family responsibilities that called for my attention. So now I've re-done my timetable and I'm really swamped!

I'm enjoying the pressure, though. There's nothing like a deadline to make one feel really alive!

It's also a good time to indulge. I've got my coffee, my chocolate, my Italian bread and hurrah! I've got to go away tomorrow (those family responsibilities again) but I know I'll relax away from home. And I won't be so cold!

I don't plan to formally study next semester. I've got so much work to do with my music and other plans that I'll just keep it casual and personal. Of course that means I'll miss the joy of these mad swot sessions, but I guess I'll just have to make do.


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