Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Working late

Hi everyone or nobody

I thought I'd update over the weekend but I was away. And since I've been back I've been so busy...

I've done some recording!
We got together and we recorded some beautiful trance style music. It's some strings and lead with a rhythmic drum beat and real bass guitar. Not much to really listen to, but it's a good start and shows amazing potential. We might even be able to use some of the samples It was hard because it's all played on instruments, even stuff that probably should have been piano-rolled. Seems silly but we got some amazing effects out of the synthesizer by really playing the silly repetitive bits. Only problem is, I could hardly hear myself so the rhythm is off. The bass guitar was easier to fix, but the keyboard stuff was supposed to be on a very long oscillation, so each sample is slightly different. But given that it was really just an experiment and practice, I think we did quite well.

We've also looked at songs and lyrics and we've got some amazing ideas going.

My maths exam was big news last week so I suppose it's appropriate to comment. I'm a little disappointed but I did OK. Sometimes it's just like that. Sometimes things don't work as we would like, but it's still alright. I'm also very glad it's over, and I'd been ill leading up to and during the exam so I'll see if I can get a little consideration or another chance to do a little better.

Tonight I've been so hard at work. I had a coffee then sat down and glued myself to the computer until I finished the work I had. I'm so tired I don't know if I have the energy to sleep, but I've got to get up early and set to work again. I promised.


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