Saturday, July 02, 2005

Cleaning R0x0r5

Looking back over these entries, it's so useful to keep the ideas up. I've got a lot of promises to deliver.

I've been put to work this week and wearing myself out, collapsing into bed exhausted instead of working on my blog like a good Rocket. So it's quite a relief to know all that stuff is over and I can get into some good old-fashioned housework.

In many ways it's a thankless task - like you vaccuum, and the dust just comes back, you know? But I like it: it appeals to my desire for instant gratification. I clean a basin and it's clean. Sure, it might get dirty again - that's a risk with most things. But I like starting the job with a house in moderate disrepair and just getting into it and knowing at the end that I've cleaned a bunch of things.

So I've got washing on, bathrooms scrubbed, dishes washed, floors vaccuumed and mopped, and right now some white things are soaking in bleach. I don't hold a lot of hope for them, but it only costs a few dollars to try, wheareas if they are truly stained beyond retreival, then the cost of replacement could be rather annoying.

I've got a long-term houseguest moving in soon, so it's been shopping day for a few homewares. Hurrah for shopping!

I've put my back out from cleaning, but if I shop until I drop, I'm not usually dropping from pain, rather from a sense of extreme satisfaction or annoyance, depending on whether the shops have exactly what I want.

Unfortunately, I can't think of anything from this experience that can be turned into a song or a story or whatever - this is going to have to remain a random exhausted sore-back rant.


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