Sunday, September 04, 2005

Back to work

It's great to be feeling better. I've been doing some yoga this afternoon and I'm really enjoying the feeling. I love to stretch and twist, I guess. What I'm learning that I really love above all is my writing. It seems so silly to think that I can be successful as a writer, but I'm looking forward to spending more time working on this blog and my new project at which is a sort of magazine, looking at beauty, health and lifestyle issues, but doing it from the perspective of a thinking woman, maybe a bit of a geek. It should be good fun.

I'm also starting to get right into my music. The piano work I'm doing is coming along very well. I've had a bit of a bad week because I've had trouble finding my motivation to really do the tedious work of separate hands metronome work. It's so painful! But it's necessary, and as I keep telling myself, those composers wrote that work with the greatest love and respect for the people to whom it was dedicated. To get it wrong because I didn't care to work through the tedious boring bits of practice is to show great disrespect to the composer and the friend. It's making a mockery of everything I claim to feel in the music.

Also looming in my life is my dedication to my electropop music. Think of it like that Europop stuff that's sort of techno but still totally poppy... then stick in all sorts of interesting elements like fugue, syncopation, soundscaping... I'm hoping to bring a new depth to simple pop music. The songs will be for singing along (mostly) but also have sufficient depth to make them interesting listening. I'm also working on the visual elements for the live show, but that's so hard to do with pop when the act is basically a singer/composer who isn't likely to do much that's visually interesting as far as the music goes. I'm still looking for a new approach to the problem.


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