Friday, September 16, 2005

Blogging is a culture, man!

Having had comments from this guy Shrover, I've been reading through his blog and it's quite refreshing to see something so funny, especially coming out of Zombie Town. How he managed to get in I'm not quite sure but I'm glad the whole place isn't undead.

I'm currently working on a song about the Blog. (Not his, the Plato-style abstract perfect entity... thingy. The experience. Blogging. That stuff.) It's easy enough to write a poem about logging on and having a laugh at this and a read of that, but goodness, what music do you put it to?

My song about arguing in relationships is easier to write - it's clearly a fugue as lovers tend to argue in fugue!

I heard another George Dubya remix today. I'm getting really impressed with how musical they can make a bunch of words sound. I'm getting my act together to do a Shatner remix! "Picture your...self.... In a boat! On a river!" no more! I'll get that silly man in rhythm and making musical sense.

Shatner claims he and music are old friends, but clearly Shatner and music still have issues to resolve.

I'm thinking of the song about being stuck on hold "You're valuable... so very valuable". There are so many everyday experiences that people can appreciate in a song... it's like being a bard - bring music back to the people! I'll be looking out for those experiences.

Finished the ending of Number of the Beast again. I'm not entirely certain, but I think Heinlein wanted to say "stuff the lot of you - I'm a great writer and I'll write about whatever I want to write about! And I happen to want to write polyamory, yes and even incest, and generally explore all the rubbish I ever enjoyed reading about as a kid! It's all wrong but it's still a great book - make of it what you will!"


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