Saturday, September 17, 2005


Poor little Dewdrop took a bump on the head today. I thought we'd have a fun morning together and she ended up with a dint followed by an egg. I sat her down and tried to put something cold on it, but she SCREAMED in protest.

She's having her siesta now - I'll spend the time tidying all the stickers she's scattered and vacuuming her couscous.

By the way, I've thought about what I wrote last night, and I'm totally into writing about being a big nerd. I don't think it happens enough, so from memory, here are some words for you to ponder:

I ran into her on computer camp
Was that in '84?
Not sure.. I had my Commodore 64. Had to score.
Not with that dirty tramp!
She's not a tramp - her name is Judy!
That's a nice name.
Yeah, she's a nice girl.
Big deal. Did you get in her pants?
No way - she's not that kind of a girl, Booger!
Why, does she have a penis?

Funny how Data Rock, a Norwegian group, have a way of finding and using English.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You idiot. Just about everyone in countries like Norway speak English, probably better than you. Just because people from your country are too fucking lazy to learn more than one language it doesn't mean the rest of the world is like that.

4:21 pm  

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