Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Fridge poems

I've been SSOOOO busy! But if anyone reads this stuff, I suppose you deserve an update for your patience and dedication, so in a nutshell:

I've been having a wonderful time galliivanting around the city in my floatiest dresses.

I've been eating gelato and drinking champagne.

I've been watching silly movies and listening to silly music. The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy is such a terrible movie! I can't believe I bought the thing (although I still acknowledge I had to have it to complete my collection). The actual humour has been hastily cut out with plot devices and the philosophy is gone. The new story is interesting, but it's not in the spirit of HHGTTG; the writer just didn't get it.

I almost bought a dress but it only came in 14 and I couldn't be bothered taking in all the frilly bits.

My hair is bothering me because it's at an in-between stage and I have to wear it in a certain way so it looks shorter than it is but looks like the shape isn't really weird.

I've been taking the little Dewdrop to the park. She loves the slide and she eats olives in a way that causes me to redefine my idea of eating a lot of olives. But hey - it's great for growing brains; olives were a gift to Athens from Athina, goddess of beauty and learning.

I've been taking inspiration from those magnetic words that you put on the fridge. According to the book, the guy who invented them was actually a musician who used them to write songs. Cool! Only thing is, the set I have is in Italian. I forget half my conjugations, but I've been caught up in the rhythm of the language - it's the most musical language I know. So I've been writing in Italian, although I admit occasionally I need to go to my grammar or dictionary.


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Very inspirational words!!!

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