Thursday, September 15, 2005

ghost town

I'm so disappointed with this city. I went out dancing last night. I know Wednesday's not the most popular night, but I'm going to be busy this weekend, and I remember Wednesday being one of the most fun nights out, because everyone's in the nightclub just trying to burn off a bit of excess energy, enjoy some tunes and have a good time.

I went to the one nightclub that still has music of a Wednesday (it used to be everywhere!) and the place was almost empty. Why? Well, it was raining, it was Wednesday, nobody wants to go out any more!

There were the usual places open - pubs for students. But I wasn't dressed for a pub - I wouldn't have had a moment of peace in my black miniskirt! I was dressed for dancing...

I know there's a lot of drugs going round this city. OK, it's so deadly dull, there's nothing to do except take drugs... I can see that argument, although I've never believed it. More to the point, people who take drugs regularly are very boring otherwise. If you need a pill to have a good night out, chances are you're not going to be any fun of a Wednesday while your previous weekend's "fun" is still wearing off. What else? Alcohol and dancing never went together. I've no idea how much herb is around nowadays, but it used to be everywhere - it stands in place of personality for many people.

It's not just the dancing. There's no decent coffee to be had - so there's no way to enjoy sitting in a cafe. The shopping is all mall and chain-store style. The restaurants are, with very few exceptions, simply horrible - a few are OK. Local centres are ugly and for the most part utilitarian and definitely not good places to meet your neighbours!

I'm disappointed that this city lacks imagination and soul. I went out thinking there'd be likeminded people and some dancing. Perhaps I'm already suffering generation gap at 21? Where are all the creative people? Why does everyone look the same, act the same, try so hard to conform?

Somebody tell me why I'm getting so frustrated with this place!


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