Sunday, September 04, 2005

A long day

Hi there readers!

It's been very busy for me today, powering through my ironing pile, working my fingers down with Hanon exercises and of course getting set up to get a day job. (Don't worry, readers - it's not with a mega-corp. Rather, I'm going into small business.)

Because I've got an exam soon, I've been doing mostly just my piano work, but I've really got to start working on my songs, because I've got studio time in a month. I'm very nervous about really writing down and playing with some of the ideas that I've got, because they're so perfect as concepts, but as real music, they have to be created and re-created until they make sense!

I'm so tired and I don't understand why. I've been sleeping, although it's been a long time since I've had good sleep. I've been starting to exercise again, so maybe I'm tired from that. I'm craving a coffee. I want to grind the beans, press them down ... hard. I want to watch the crema darken and thicken then lighten as the coffee pours. I want the smell, the feel of the grounds on my skin, the taste. But as lovely as it feels to be perky with caffeine, I know it's really not that great for my body. So I'll enjoy the poetry of coffee, but leave the reality of it for times when I can really enjoy it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow LJ,

it's all happening! You will be in great shape for the studio after all the work going into your piano exam!

I'll be busy preparing too, with a very useful shakedown putting together a demo for "Bullseye" (probably 7 or 8 songs - see what works)in the next couple of weeks

Bring your excellent musical brain and bags of ideas, there is so much room for some creativity here!!!!

Love and Hugs, Paulus

9:02 pm  

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