Sunday, September 18, 2005

Making plans

Well I've decided to try to get into composition. I feel very strongly about it, but of course I'm waiting and thinking and trying to determine why I feel composition is the right thing for me to study.

I'll have to get together something a bit formal for my interview. That means this recording session in October is so much more of a deadline than it would otherwise have been.

The idea is to do the combined degree music/science and major in composition and mathematics. Sounds strange, but actually knowing how to compose makes for a stronger mathematician, and knowing maths makes for a better musician. As far as I'm concerned, music and maths are the same stuff, presented slightly differently.

Making the decision to study music and science is also a lifestyle and family choice. It's a decision to spend the next few years here in Canberra as a student, and to spend it with other students. I don't yet know how family fits in with that, but there's lots of time to keep thinking about it. The application doesn't have to go in until the end of October - it's usually later, but I'll need to arrange an interview to get into NITA, and they're during November.

But I have to get on with my life - there's no point sitting here writing about what I want to do forever!


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