Thursday, September 08, 2005

Return to civilization

No piano practice today; I'm back in the big smoke after a few weeks in what can only be described as the little smoke. Of course, given that the little smoke is where I live, I'm in for a lot more of the dull, dreary country life. I'm only staying in the city overnight.

I was really looking forward to that classic city activity - sitting in a cafe with a mineral water and maybe a scoop of gelato, and writing lyrics in my Moleskine journal. Unfortunately, although I had a lovely walk and a delicious dinner, my dinner companions have piked. I'm on my own and I realized it was better to just have a shower, get in my pyjamas and write on the couch instead.

Lonely? No, not exactly. It's a nice couch and I'm enjoying my own company. I need to live my own life but that includes having someone to care about. With all my friends either studying like mad or living somewhere far away, I'm getting that lonely feeling, but mostly I'm remembering that they still care and using the opportunity to work on my projects.

So I'm off to write sad songs now. And then happy ones.


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