Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Writing poems

I've been jotting down some words.

I wanted to share some of them.

What you're about to see represents first drafts. The first one is a very teenagerish angst-filled poem about being afraid of love and acting out, only to end up very alone. I think it's self-explanatory. Most readers have been a teenager at some point.

The second one is about different ways of loving. The song describes four women and each has her own style of music. The first two women (I wrote women because I am a woman... it's how I relate to the world of romance) fight their lover - the first woman is losing and the second woman is "winning" - he does what she says. The third woman just martyrs herself - well it's better than fighting... but the fourth woman is capable of giving without losing herself - her partnership is to their joint benefit. The idea came from Lao Tse's verse on leadership - his version is better than mine but would make a very strange song.

poem 1
I gave you my heart
When I left you I thought it would come with me
Instead it stayed where it belonged
Without my presence and anger to poisin it
My heart grew
Each day it doubled in capacity
Began to glow
Now my heart shines with perfect love for you
Can it overcome my fear?
I'm afraid to lose but I must lose this battle
Against my heart

She sees him
She knows what she wants
She looks inside herself for the anger and tears
Love means passion
And passion means war

She sees her man
She tells him what she wants
She looks inside herself for the heart of glass
Love means struggle
A pain she controls

She knows him
She gives him what he needs
She looks inside herself to be what he wants
Love means giving
And giving brings love

She hears him
She takes the time for him
She looks inside herself for the peace they seek
Love means sharing
United and strong


Anonymous daily3amminibreakdown said...


3:11 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's a heap of angsty, girly cr*p.


How about this one?

She lays down..
He mounts her...
He dumps his load..

Then goes to watch the telly.


12:02 am  
Anonymous muttonskunkresidueonthesheets said...

Dear anonymous,

Cross-dressing and being sodomised doesn't REALLY make you a girl..

Try hiding the remote control.

3:49 am  

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