Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A few words

Well now I've finished my big silly exam and I feel like I've been worrying about nothing.

I'm not sure if I've passed - I'm reasonably certain that I haven't. But this ranks as one of the best performance experiences of my life.

I was very nervous to start, so I totally ruined my first movement with shaky hands. Only one or two other real mistakes, and the examiner was a really nice guy who likes helping people to play better music. I think I'll get some very good feedback and it was lovely how he thanked me for my performance and let me know that he enjoyed the things I did right.

I'll be continuing to improve my performance - I'd like to get to the point where I could hold a small recital without feeling like a total goose! In year 12 I had to arrange an audience for a recital and invited a bunch of teachers, neighbours and friends to my house to listen. It was really weird playing piano to my maths teacher, but the hardest part of being a musician is learning not to be intimidated.

I like that I've found new things in the music I've performed. I'm disappointed that my fingers don't have the strength and that I was nervous. I think my mark will come down to whether he will look at judgement criteria or overall impact.

For the future, I look forward to expanding my repertoire, honing my current work and learning more about strength and accuracy.

I hope to have the time to once again pursue my other interests.

After piano exams, there's a month of absolute brilliance - I plan to take full advantage of it!

Thanks to everyone who sent words of encouragement. I was in there feeling many good vibes from everyone and it helped me to have the courage to play it my way.

Big thanks to my teacher and of course the examiner, who was just absolutely charming and made it all very easy and even enjoyable.

Now I'm going to relax and go to bed early and try to get rid of this cold/flu/hay fever.


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