Tuesday, November 01, 2005

where the fuck has rocket been?

Well perhaps you weren't thinking it with such colourful language, but I have at least 4 readers now, and I'm sure they were curious why I've stopped updating this thing.

Basically I've been too busy having fun to commit to regular comments.

But I'm back now - off my bum (or back on it, rather) and ready to deal out the facts as I see them.

I did make it into the studio for recording... or rather, I went back to the ol' hometown and had a cold/hayfever thingy and didn't get to touch a mike. OTOH, it was great to see the friend I'll call Volvo (because he got rid of his old boxy but good about 5 years ago) and hang out with Paulus and the family.

The inspiration's coming in full tilt now. I've been having a rather rough time emotionally, and I'm hoping I'm not having a "manic cycle". But I'd say I'm going through a process of learning how to use and direct my emotions so that's not a huge concern. Everywhere I look, I see music. Except at Floriade. Whose idea was it to name an exhibit "Mellow Yellow" in honour of the song about a guy who falls in love with a 14 year old? The sign explains that it's a song about flowers, so perhaps the dude had a sense of humour.

I've got dozens of songs ready to go, including one special collaboration with Tuxinen (again, he won't nickname himself, so I'm forced to improvise) about a special love story. Tuxinen knows all about love stories and romance, so I'm drawing a lot of my inspiration from his charming ways.

This particular song, however, is a bit of a giggle piece.

Expect new stories in the magazine, focussing on all sorts of stuff, not just makeup and hair.

Happy Summer, everyone! Here's to sangria and hors d'ouvres in the flower garden with the scent of jasmine wafting over everything.


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