Friday, December 02, 2005

Natural disaster: Storm with gale and tornado

Canberra's in natural disaster mode. You can tell because PM has been canceled and Louise is still on the radio dealing out the info.

In short, there's power out in several suburbs. There's a tree on a house just around the corner.

There has been wind over 100 km/h and even a "mini tornado" throwing trees around all over the place.

Triple J was reporting that a man may have been killed, but 666 isn't reporting that news. But many buildings have been damaged including the hospitals, a primary school, and many houses.

It actually passed by my house with a bit of a rattle on the windows, some rain, distant electrical activity, and nothing to suggest any of this was happening... so no dramatic stories from me. But Johnboy's the-riotact was down for a while this afternoon while power to his server was out (still out at the time of writing) and I'm told it was very scary for people who were caught outside.

The main storm front is gone now, and everyone's out cleaning up. There's expected to be rain all night, but not much more storm activity. The weather is officially "unstable", though, so the warning is still current.

Update: The death has been confirmed. The tornado ran from Belconnen through the city to Fyshwick, and another ran from Gunghalin to the New South Wales border. It's quiet now (20:47) so I guess that's it. The emergency crews expect to be up for the next 2 days.


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