Saturday, December 03, 2005


I enrolled yesterday. I realized that the main thing that's keeping me down is my lifestyle. I have spent a lot of time around the university and city and it's great!

Last time I studied, I went about it wrong. I was interested in the parties and that scene is mainly there for depressed people who don't want to engage with "good clean fun".

Well, parties are fun, but getting drunk and falling off a balcony then failing is not so fun.

So I'm going back to do lots of maths and I'll still be doing music and I'll get organised to do my recording (I've written a lot now) during the holiday. Yay!

There's heaps to organize so I'm going to get everything together this week and start making some decisions. Accommodation, family, money, loans, other expenses...

In other news, I've decorated my house for Tinsels festival. Yay again! More on that later.


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