Friday, March 10, 2006


It's my birthday tomorrow, but it's not going to be very exciting. My family is due to arrive some time in the evening and we'll go have dinner together. It is going to be a good meal.

My mum already sent me a parcel full of really fun art supplies. She sent some glass markers that have been very useful for writing Schroedinger equations all over my window in the absense of a whiteboard.

So my jobs for today are to catch a bus into town and submit my physics assignment, then go do some paperwork like drop receipts into medicare and walk out with a big wad of cash, then come home, tidy up and start my maths assignment which is due on Tuesday.

But before I get into the homework, I've got some time to celebrate getting my physics assignment done, and I think I'll jump on the sewing machine and make something cute! (I'll have to take a picuture of my previous project to post here, too.)


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